Advice to My Thirteen Year Old STHE ADVICE PROJECT (“Advice to My Thirteen Year Old Self”) helps empower and inspire teen girls around the world as they enter womanhood through the written word. The project includes an anthology of letters written by fifty powerful women to their teen selves, an online community where women and teens can submit their own writing and a series of writing and global citizenship workshops and classes in New York City at programs such as Fahari Academy Charter School, The ROC, and Women for Afghan Women.

In addition to providing empowerment services in New York, The Advice Project has partnered with a Cameroonian-based organization called Gender Danger (founded by Advice contributor Chi Yvonne Leina) to offer an eight-week series of online classes to twelve teen girls in Bamenda, Cameroon. At the end of the eight-week series, the Advice Project will lead an on-site, two-week-long, intensive workshop for all of the teens.

The Advice Project will lead a group of over 16 teen girls and youth leaders to Peru in 2015 for the Advice Project Global Leadership and Empowerment Summit. Through classes, trainings, writing and adventures, participants will live for two weeks at a gorgeous eco-lodge in the Amazonian River Basin and will learn how to partner global problems such as rapid climate change and the rights of indigenous women with solutions. Join us!

Also, join us on The Huffington Post! 

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