Recap of the 2015 Leadership and Empowerment Summit in Peru

Students from the San Isidro School in Puerto Maldonado who attended the 2015 Advice Project Leadership and Empowerment Summit at Inotawa Expeditions Ecolodge in Peru.

The Advice Project is just starting to publish blog posts to recap each day of our 2015 Leadership and Empowerment Summit at Inotawa Expeditions Ecolodge in the Peruvian rainforest. We’re also gearing up to publish articles and letters by the teens and women who attended the trip, and we’re actively pitching pieces to various important publications. Check back often or subscribe to our website so that you don’t miss a post or article. Some of our blog posts and articles are already posted below, so please read, comment, and share widely with your friends and family!

We want to offer a special thanks to our partner in Peru, Inotawa Expeditions, for hosting us in the rainforest, and the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores del Perú in Lima and the Consulado General del Perú in New York City for their assistance with obtaining visas for the three Cameroonian nationals who were such vital members of our 2015 summit. Finally, we want to offer an enormous thank you to the 34 supporters who donated via our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, and the countless individuals who gave their time, energy, and resources to ensure we could offer scholarships to girls and women from around the world so that they could attend our 2015 summit.

The Huffington Post

Blog Posts on The Advice Project Website (day-to-day summit details):

Published Summit Articles/Letters/Videos by Teens and Women 

Videos Made During the Summit



Photo: Jennifer Miller

Photo: Jennifer Miller

Blog Posts on Edventure Project (a blog by one of our adult leaders, Jennifer Miller – it contains descriptions/photos of our adventures rather than the workshops/summit activities)

Please consider making a tax exempt donation to our scholarship fund via our 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, so that even more girls and women from around the world can attend future summits and workshops.

"Sofe, Anevay, Gaelle, Shneider, Melodie," c. Melissa Banigan, The Advice Project

“Sofe, Anevay, Gaelle, Shneider, Melodie,” c. Melissa Banigan, The Advice Project

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