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Whether you’re an astronaut, a mother of four, a teenage Doctor Who fan or an alpaca farmer, your stories are important. Read some stories, here, by women. And read these stories, by teen girls between the ages of 13-17. 

Do you believe that YOU have advice that will empower and enrich the lives of young women? Or do you just need an outlet through which to share your words? By all means, send us your submission and we’ll carefully read and consider it for our website!

ALL stories are welcome provided they do not discriminate against or promote hate (we reserve the right to make executive decisions on what these things entail). We like to spread the love, and think of letters as teaching tools, not weapons.

We want stories by women and teens of all creeds, colors, sexual preference, economics, educational background, countries and sexual identity. Bottom line: if you consider yourself a girl or a woman, so do we. And if you have advice to offer, we want to read it.

NOTE: While we’re not ageist, submissions guidelines do differ slightly depending on how old you are, so please read carefully.)

Submissions by adults should:

  • Be addressed to your teenage self
  • Be between 350 – 850 words
  • Include photos of you now and from when you were a teen (although photos aren’t absolutely necessary!)
  • Typically, letters are addressed “To ________(your name)…” “Love/Blessings, ________…”
  • While typically we receive conventional letters, we’re open to other formats! Have a poem to serve as your letter? Great! Just please make sure that what you’re sending is non-fiction
  • Include a brief 1-3 paragraph biography

Submissions by teens should:

Guidelines are the same as above, but additionally, please:

  • Send us a note with your birthdate letting us know that you’re over the age of 13. We won’t publish this note or share your birthday with anyone, but for legal reasons, it’s important that we know your age.

Unlike the letters written by adult women to their teenage selves, your letter should be FROM your teenage self to the woman you will one day become. What do you want her to remember about being a teenager? Are there unique problems teenagers face that you feel adult women have forgotten? Here’s your chance to respectfully remind your adult self what it’s like to be a teen…

Send submissions via email to:

info at advicetomy13yearoldself dot com


By submitting a letter and photos, you are giving your permission to let us post them to our site, share them via social media, and maybe even in newsletters and promotional materials. We will always be considerate with your words, and will try to work with contributors if large edits are needed, but please note that once a piece is posted, it’s out there for the world to see and may, in the future, be considered for inclusion in printed books. Make sure that what you’re writing is information that you’re ready and willing to share with the world. That said, we’re excited to read your honest, beautiful stories, and thank you in advance for sharing it with us.


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